Best answer: Does it rain a lot in Mobile Alabama?

How many days does it rain in Mobile?

Mobile came in second on the latter scale, with 59 average annual rainy days.

Is Mobile Alabama Safe?

With a crime rate of 37 per one thousand residents, Mobile has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 27.

Does it rain a lot in Mobile?

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile is the wettest city in the US. … Summers in Mobile are hot and humid, while winters are rainy and mild. It is the rainiest city in the US and receives an average annual rainfall of 69 inches. Additionally, Mobile experiences an average of 59 rainy days each year.

What is it like to live in Mobile Alabama?

Mobile, AL, has excellent diversity, decent school systems, and a very affordable cost of living. However, high crime rates, low incomes, and urban flight have made this place a pretty bad area for people to move to. Most people do not want to live in Mobile due to the decline in jobs.

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How much rain has Alabama had this year 2020?

However, in 2020, the state has received 51.03″ of rain — nearly a foot above average. The state of Tennessee is also experiencing a near record-wettest year. NOAA states that Tennessee ranked its second wettest for this year-to-date period.

Does Mobile Alabama get tornadoes?

► Alabama tornadoes have most frequently occurred in Jefferson County and in south Alabama in Mobile and Baldwin.

Why does Alabama have so much rain?

Precipitation. The amount of precipitation is greatest along the coast (62 inches/1,574 mm) and evenly distributed through the rest of the state (about 52 inches/1,320 mm). Much of the rainfall is produced by thunderstorms and, occasionally, by hurricanes and other tropical disturbances.

How many days per year does it rain in Alabama?

The US average is 205 sunny days. Alabama gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 107 days per year.

Climate Averages.

Alabama, Alabama United States
Rainfall 56.3 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 0.7 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 106.5 days 106.2 days
Sunny 213 days 205 days