Best answer: How does the poet ask the rain?

What makes the poet ask the rain Who art thou?

The poet asks the rain who it is as he feels a kind of kinship with. The poet writes poems for his readers and the rain is also the poem of the earth created by the Master Creator. It is a mysterious creation as it gives and revives life.

What questions does the poet ask the rain How does it reply?

Ans. The phrase “strange to tell” means that it is quite strange for the poet to believe and express in words that the soft-falling rain replied to his question. At the beginning of the poem, the poet inquires the rain about its identity, to which the rain replies that it is the ‘Poem of Earth’.

How did the poet look at the rain What did he ask it?

Answer: The poet looked at the soft falling shower and he asked the rain to who are you.

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What question does the poet ask the rain and how does the poet feel when he gets the answer?

The poet asks the soft-falling rain shower,”who art thou”? or who are you? . After getting the answer he feels shocked by listening the voice of the rain.

Why does the poet feel that the rain give a reply to his question?

The poet believes that the readers will also find it surprising and weird . that the rain should speak and answer the poet’s question. … Similarly, rain originates from Earth, and after fulfilling its role of spreading beauty and purity, returns to its origin. Both are perpetual in nature.

What message does the poem the voice of the rain give to the readers?

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The message the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’ gives to the readers is the message of giving back to our source or origin. The rain receives life from the earth and its water bodies. It rises from the earth and forms into clouds in the sky; finally it falls back to the earth and its water bodies.

How does the rain describe herself himself?

The rain describes herself in the poem ” THE VOICE OF THE RAIN” as the ” POEM OF THE EARTH” which gives happiness to everything and quenches the thirst and relish the drought prone areas.

How is the rain defined in the poem the voice of the rain?

Summary of the Voice of the Rain

In the poem, he asks the rain, “And who art thou?” on which the rain replies by calling itself “the poem of the Earth.” Moreover, the rain defines how it rises unnoticeably (as vapour) out of the land and sea and floats up to heaven, where it converts into clouds.

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What does the poet ask to the falling shower of rain?

In the poem, the poet asks the soft-falling shower, ‘Who are you? ‘ to which she replies that she is the poem of earth. … The rain told the poet that she cannot be touched as she rises in the form of water vapor in the sky from the land and the bottomless sea. It changes its shape yet it remains the same.