Best answer: Where is heavy rain based?

What state is Heavy Rain set in?

Setting. The game takes place over the course of several days in October 2011. The city that the game takes place in is never named, but signs on the highway in the chapter “Crime Scene” indicate that it is somewhere near New York.

Is Heavy Rain set in Philadelphia?

The setting of Heavy Rain (and thus Ethan’s new apartment) also is likely in Philadelphia, indicated by the Philadelphia map in Scott Shelby’s office, the Philadelphia addresses of Lauren Winter’s husband and Jackson “Mad Jack” Neville, and Quantic Dream’s David Cage’s statement that the city Heavy Rain is set in is …

Can Jason live in Heavy Rain?

Quantic Dream has done this numerous times with Heavy Rain. It is also the case of Miroslav Korda and Nathaniel Williams, with similar roles also. Jason is one of the few characters to die non-optionally. … It can be considered strange that Jason died even though Ethan protected him.

How many endings does heavy rain have?

There are 17 different endings available. Watching them requires making different decisions in specific scenes. Seeing all endings is awarded with the All Endings achievement.

Who killed Laurens son heavy rain?

She states that she called all of the families whose sons died, and that none of them ever hired Scott, and Scott is the killer. After reminding Scott that she made a promise to kill the man who killed her son, Lauren pulls out a gun and executes him.

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