Do outdoor cats get thicker fur in winter?

Do cats fur grow thicker in winter?

“Cats, and dogs with undercoats, tend to get a thicker coat in winter, but light can be a huge factor for indoor animals. As the days get longer in spring, they will shed to create the summer coat.

Do feral cats get a winter coat?

Give outdoor cats shelter from the cold

Yes, their thickened winter coats help feral and stray cats weather winter’s chill, but they still need warm, dry, well-insulated and appropriate-sized shelters.

Do cats coats change with seasons?

Seasonal shedding is actually more common with cats in the wild and those who spend a good amount of time outdoors. … Cats who shed in the spring lose their heavy winter undercoat to keep cool in summer. In the fall, they’ll grow a new coat in preparation for winter.

Do cats shed more in the winter?

When there’s less sunlight, cats start growing short, fluffy secondary hairs whose job is to provide insulation. When there’s more sunlight, cats start shedding. Indoor cats are exposed to less natural sunlight and more artificial light; their bodies lose track of seasonal changes, and they shed constantly year round.

Do outdoor cats have thicker fur?

Cats naturally have thicker fur during the winter, which increases the amount of undercoat. A cat living outside will have more “heavy” fur to increase the thickness of the diaper and help maintain body temperature.

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Do cats have undercoats?

The majority of other breeds of cats have a smooth outer coat of guard hairs and a fine undercoat of soft hairs that provide additional insulation. … However, many cats that share our homes shed their undercoat and guard hairs in low levels all year round.