Do you need to winterize a fountain?

How do I winterize my outdoor fountain?

How to Winterize An Outdoor Fountain

  1. Unplug fountain pump and be sure to protect the pump cord.
  2. Remove all water from your fountain. If at all possible remove the pump from the fountain and store indoors. …
  3. Once your fountain is completely dry COVER it to prevent water accumulation.

Should I turn my fountain off in freezing weather?

Running a fountain in winter is not recommended when the temperature is below freezing. For fountain freeze protection, Nick’s Garden Center recommends that you first unplug the pump and remove it.

Will my outdoor fountain freeze?

By maintaining water flow, the water in the reservoir will usually not freeze deep enough to affect the pump. … Note: Any time your fountain is running, and the temperature is below freezing, ice will form on your fountain rocks (as seen in the picture above). Ice alone should not damage your rocks.

Do fountains freeze in winter?

Can I Leave Water In My Fountain During The Winter? No! When temperatures drop below freezing, the water in your fountain will freeze, cracking your fountain. Even if the water is running, droplets will jump out of the stream and hide in small cracks along the walls of your fountain.

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How do I protect my water feature in the winter?

Once your stone fountain is cleaned and dry we recommend covering it with either a fountain cover, fleece or polythene wrap. These keep snow and rain from clogging and cracking your birdbath or fountain.

Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

Water fountain pumps are meant to run 24/7. It is harder on the pump if it is turned on and off continuously. You should not need to turn your fountain off as long as there is enough water in the fountain for the allotted time.

Is there antifreeze for fountains?

Warnings. Most outdoor fountains are concrete or pottery, which are porous materials. … Do not add any de-icing product or chemical antifreeze to a fountain. It will not prevent winter damage, but it will pose a serious health risk to children, pets and wildlife.

Can you put antifreeze in a water feature?

Antifreeze is a method often touted to help fountains survive the winter, but in fact, you should avoid it when trying to winterize a water feature. While this technically works, it isn’t recommended because antifreeze and other additives like it are usually incredibly toxic.

How do I keep my outdoor water feature from freezing?

To do this you can put in a floating de-icer or put a pump in the bottom which shoots a jet of water to the surface to keep it from freezing. For an added precaution you may want to add an aeration system if you don’t already have one.

How do I keep my fountain pump from freezing?

Use food-grade propylene glycol to fill the pump body to mix with any remaining water left inside the pump to prevent the system from freezing.

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