Frequent question: Has Florida ever had a hurricane in June?

How many hurricanes hit Florida in June?

Only three June storms have hit Florida in the last 10 years, according to NOAA historical track data. The most recent was Tropical Storm Collin in 2016, which developed in the Gulf before whipping past Jacksonville with 54 mph maximum sustained winds.

Has there ever been a hurricane in Florida in June?

June, the first month of the official Atlantic hurricane season, has seen tropical activity in recent times but historically it’s not an active month. Historically, tropical storms or hurricanes rarely form during the entire month of the June in the Atlantic Basin.

Has a hurricane ever hit in June?

Since 1950, there have been four U.S. hurricane landfalls in June, and all of those happened on the Gulf Coast. Those hurricanes had their origin in the Gulf of Mexico or the western Caribbean, which are the areas of the Atlantic Basin that are most hospitable for early-season tropical cyclone formation.

Has a hurricane ever hit Florida in July?

The 2005 hurricane season still holds the record for the most named storms in July, with a total of 5 storms being named. Of the five-named systems, three of them, Cindy, Dennis and Emily, became hurricanes. … Florida and Alabama’s cotton crops were also severely damaged thanks to Hurricane Dennis.

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What month is worst for hurricanes?

Between the years of 1851 and 2020, only a single major hurricane has made landfall during the month of June, and only three during the month of July. August and September have the most hurricanes, with activity peaking in September before lowering in October and November.

What part of Florida has never been hit by a hurricane?

Key Takeaways. North Central Florida has the fewest hurricanes because it is away from the water and has a higher elevation. If your primary concern is hurricane safety, then Lake City, FL, has the fewest hurricanes. However, it has the lowest livability score on the list.

Has Florida ever had a hurricane in May?

In addition, the strongest off-season cyclone to make landfall in the United States was Tropical Storm Beryl in May of 2012, which made landfall near Jacksonville Beach, Florida with 65 mph (100 km/h) winds. The most recent off-season storm is Tropical Storm Ana in May 2021.

What was the last hurricane in Florida?

Florida major hurricanes

Storm Saffir–Simpson Category Year
Dennis 3 2005
Wilma 3 2005
Irma 4 2017
Michael 5 2018