Frequent question: Was Hurricane Harvey affected Corpus Christi?

Did Harvey hit Corpus Christi?

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Most people in the Coastal Bend will never forget where they were when Hurricane Harvey struck the Coastal Bend as a Category 4 storm, causing widespread damage.

How much rain did Corpus Christi get during Harvey?

By the afternoon of August 26, more than 20 in (510 mm) of rain had fallen in the Corpus Christi metropolitan area.

Was Harvey a hurricane or tropical storm?

Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the middle Texas coast in more than 40 years. Previously, Category 3 Hurricane Celia was the strongest, making landfall on Aug. 3, 1970. Hurricane Harvey exploded from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in just 40 hours.

When was the last hurricane in Corpus Christi?

Hurricane Celia – August 3rd, 1970

Location Highest Surge (feet)
Baytown 5.3
Rockport 5.0
Corpus Christi Bayfront 4.9
Freeport – Dow Chemical Plant 4.9

Why is Corpus Christi so dirty?

In the study, the top five Texas beaches with the highest percentage of unsafe days are all in Nueces County, specifically the water parallel to Ocean Drive. According to the center, the main cause of contamination is fecal matter in the water due to urban runoff and sewage leaks.

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Was Harvey a hurricane or tropical storm when it hit Houston?

HOUSTON – Four years ago, people up and down the Texas coast were bracing for what would become one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States. Hurricane Harvey made landfall about 10 p.m. on Aug. 25, 2017, on San Jose Island, as a Category 4 storm with winds of more than 130 mph.

How many have died Hurricane Harvey?

How many people died in Hurricane Harvey? Hurricane Harvey is directly responsible for 68 deaths, the largest number of direct deaths from a hurricane in Texas since 1919, according to the National Hurricane Center. Another 35 deaths are also indirectly attributed to Harvey, making the total closer to 103.

When did Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi?

Harvey made its first landfall at 10 p.m. Aug. 25 on San Jose Island, located between Port Aransas and Rockport, north of Corpus Christi.