How do oceans affect the weather for kids?

How does the ocean affect the weather?

The ocean influences weather patterns by distributing heat and moisture around the globe. … Warm water is also evaporated from the ocean into the atmosphere, where it can condense and form clouds, which can eventually lead to rain.

What role does the ocean play in climate?

The ocean plays a leading role in the Earth’s climate.

Warm ocean waters provide the energy to fuel storm systems that provide fresh water vital to all living things. Understanding and predicting precipitation is critical to farmers who decide which crops to plant, and how deep, based in part on soil moisture levels.

How do oceans influence weather and climate quizlet?

Ocean currents affect world climate because ocean currents carry warm water, which helps warm climates of land masses.

How does cold ocean water affect weather?

The water temperature has a critical influence on the weather since it helps determine how much moisture will evaporate into the air. The ocean water modifies the air above it. If the water is cold, it will keep the air cool above it. This will limit the amount of moisture that will evaporate into the air.

How does the ocean affect rainfall?

As the water from the ocean evaporates, it turns into water vapor. This water vapor increases the temperature and humidity of the air, leading to precipitation and storms. In fact, nearly all rain originates from the ocean. Ocean currents then move precipitation from the equator toward the poles.

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How does ocean pollution affect climate change?

The vast oceans act as a tremendous carbon sink, absorbing about one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. Climate-changing gases from offshore oil and other fossil fuels are changing ocean chemistry, saturating the oceans with carbon dioxide and making them increasingly acidic.