How do you drive an automatic car in the rain?

How do you drive an automatic car in heavy rain?


  1. Make It Easier To See. …
  2. Keep Your Shoes Dry. …
  3. Always Drive Slowly – Slow Down. …
  4. Try And Stay In The Middle. …
  5. Going Through A Puddle. …
  6. Keep Your Distance. …
  7. Make Yourself Visible. …
  8. Pull Over And Wait.

What speed should you drive in rain?

According to Defensive Driving, a rule of thumb to follow is to decrease your speed by a third during wet conditions. For example, if you are driving in rainy weather and the speed limit says 70 mph, then your adjusted speed should be 46 to 47 mph.

What should you do while driving in the rain at night?

What Should You Do When Driving in Heavy Rain at Night?

  1. Make sure to check out everything before heading out.
  2. Drive slow and stay below speed limits.
  3. Keep hazard lights turned off and headlights on.
  4. Avoid standing water.
  5. Don’t drive if you’re not comfortable.

How many feet should you stay behind a car when it’s raining?

The National Safety Council (NSC) recommends a minimum three-second following distance during dry weather conditions. However, when visibility is low such as during rain, you should increase your safe following distance to a minimum of 6 seconds.

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What lights should you use when driving in rain?

Use your low beam headlights whenever it is raining. Remember, it is always illegal to drive with only your parking lights on. Use low beams in fog, snow, or heavy rain. Light from high beams will reflect back and cause glare.

When driving on a wet road What should you do?

When driving on wet roads you should:

  1. Decrease your speed to no greater than 5 mph.
  2. Increase your following distance to about 15 to 20 seconds.
  3. Decrease your following distance.
  4. Increase your following distance to about 5 or 6 seconds.

When driving in rain you must use?

In rainy conditions, you should use your low beam headlights. 17.31 % of our users get this question wrong.