How do you grow peppers indoors in the winter?

Can peppers be grown indoors year-round?

When it comes to indoor gardening, only a few things are as versatile as the pepper plant. Whether sweet, hot, green, or red, peppers can add a touch of sophistication and flavor to any dish. … Peppers are perennial plants, but these vegetables can thrive year-round if given the right amount of care.

Will my pepper plants survive winter?

Your peppers may look a bit sad. But it can continue to survive and keep growing as long as the temperature remains above 50 degrees in the cold frame. You likely will not get winter produce at those temperatures. Peppers won’t produce unless they’re warm!

Will pepper plants pollinate indoors?

Pepper plants are self-pollinating, which means that a single plant (or even a single flower) can set fruit by itself. It does not need another plant in order to make peppers. For this reason, peppers and other self-pollinating plants (such as tomatoes) are ideal for indoor gardening.

How much sunlight does a bell pepper plant need?

Peppers grow in all types of soils but do best in heavier, well-drained soils. Plant them in areas that receive at least 6 hours of sunlight each day.

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