How do you read cloud cover on a weather map?

How is cloud cover shown on weather map?

The cloud cover in the sky is expressed in eighths of the total sky or oktas, which are shown in weather maps as discs shaded in different proportions.

What does a black cloud on a weather map mean?

A dark grey cloud with two or three droplets of water or broken blue lines indicating water and a sun behind it means that we will have heavy rainfall during the day. A dark grey cloud with two or three droplets of water or broken blue lines indicating water shows that we will have heavy rainfall generally.

What are the main symbols on a weather map?

These often include temperature, dew point (a measure of humidity), wind speed, wind direction, present weather, barometric pressure and pressure tendency (is it rising or falling?), cloud cover, and many others.

Which of these is not shown on a weather map?

Wind Speed and Direction

Wind information is not displayed on general maps, although an experienced reader can estimate wind direction and speed from other information. You can estimate wind direction because the winds circle a low-pressure cell counterclockwise and a high-pressure cell clockwise.

How do I read cloud cover?

In meteorology, cloud cover is measured in oktas, or eighths of the sky. If you look up at the sky, and mentally divide it into eight boxes, then imagine all the cloud you can see squashed into these boxes. How many boxes does the cloud fill? This is how many oktas of cloud there are.

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What is the symbol for cloud cover?


Symbol Unicode code point (hex) Resembles
U+25EF 0 okta
U+233D 1 okta
U+25D4 2 oktas
U+25D1 4 oktas

How do you read weather highs and lows?

The forecast high is the highest temperature expected to occur that day, which in most cases is in the afternoon. The forecast low is the lowest temperature expected to occur during the next overnight period and on the vast majority of days will occur around daybreak the following morning.

What are the four weather symbols?

Basic weather symbols include:

  • Sunny skies.
  • Partly cloudy.
  • Cloudy.
  • Windy.
  • Rainy.
  • Fog.
  • Snow, and.
  • Thunderstorms.