How do you take care of tomatoes in the winter?

Can you keep tomato plants over winter?

Tomato plants don’t grow back every year. Tomatoes are perennial, but only if they survive the freeze will they return next year! A tomato plant can survive the winter if protected from the cold. … Tomatoes are often cultivated as annuals, meaning they can grow and yield for only one year.

What do you do with tomato plants at the end of the season?

At the end of the growing season, lift outdoor plants with unripe fruit and either lay them on straw under cloches or pick the fruits and place somewhere warm and dark to ripen. Alternatively, put unripe tomatoes in a drawer with a banana, to aid ripening. Tomatoes are best eaten as fresh as possible.

Do tomato plants come back year after year?

Tomato plants do not regrow every year. … Tomatoes are perennial, but they can only make it to the next year if they survive the frost! If you protect a tomato plant from cold, it can survive the winter. In this case, the plant does not regrow from the roots, but instead keeps its vines and foliage.

Can I save my tomato plants for next year?

Although it is a short-lived perennial, tomato plants can bear fruit for more than one year in parts of the world that never dip below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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