How many inches of snow did Midway Airport get?

How much snow did Chicago Midway Airport get?

A huge snowstorm buried parts of the Chicago area Monday.

How much snow did Midway Airport get yesterday?

Chicago’s Midway Airport saw 17.7 inches of snow from Monday to Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service, while O’Hare Airport saw 7.5 inches.

How much snow is Chicago getting?

The city on average sees about 36 inches of snow in a winter, though some years have recorded more than 80 inches and others less than 10 inches. But in the past 22 days, the city has seen 36.2 inches of snowfall.

How much snow did Chicago get so far in 2021?

The city of Chicago was colder and snowier than average, with the city exceeding its typical February snowfall by more than a foot in 2021. According to data published by the National Weather Service, the city saw a total of 21.6 inches of snow between Feb.

What days did it snow in February 2021 Chicago?

February 2021 was the ninth snowiest February on record with 21.6 inches, including a record daily snowfall of 6.1 inches on Feb. 15, Presidents Day. But none of these totals were enough to make the list of the city’s Top 10 historic snowstorms.

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When was Chicago last above freezing?

As for our cold temperatures, the last day that temperatures reached above freezing in Chicago was February 4. Since Feb. 5, the last time Chicago experienced more below-normal days was a 23-day stretch between October 28 and November 19, 2019, Friedlein said.

Does snowfall in Los Angeles?

Snow does fall annually in the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County and even, occasionally, in the foothills. … Mountains in Los Angeles County may see snow as early as late October, down to 7,000 feet, and, by early December, down to 3,000 feet.

How much snow does Buffalo get?

Buffalo averages 85 inches of snow per year.

What is the latest it has snowed in Chicago?

Over the course of the city’s snow climatology, dating back to the winter of 1884-85, the latest date for one inch or more of snow cover was April 24, 1967, when three inches covered the ground.