How many times did it snow on Halloween?

What Halloween did it snow on?

The 2011 Halloween nor’easter, sometimes referred to as “Snowtober,” “Shocktober,” “Storm Alfred,” and “Oktoberblast,” was a large low pressure area that produced unusually early snowfall across the northeastern United States and the Canadian Maritimes.

What is the coldest Halloween on record?

The mercury dipped to 44F (6.7C) shortly after 7AM at San Diego International Airport — the site of city’s official weather station. That reading broke the Halloween record of 45F (7.2C) set 125 years ago, in 1894. Only one October day in the city’s history has-ever been colder — Oct 30, 1971 with 43F (6.1C).

How many times has it snowed on Halloween in Chicago?

Since 1871, snow has been recorded falling just seven times on Halloween. A record snowfall of 3.4 inches fell at O’Hare airport on Oct. 31, 2019. Prior to that, the only measurable snow occurred in 2014, when 0.1 inches were recorded Halloween morning.

What was the coldest Halloween in Chicago?

The coldest high temperature on Halloween is 31 degrees which occurred in 1873. Frequency distribution of low temperatures for Chicago.

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How much snow fell in the blizzard of 91?

1991 Halloween blizzard

Category 5 “Extreme” (RSI/NOAA: 30.18)
The blizzard developing over the Central U.S on October 31, 1991. The 1991 Perfect Storm can be seen at the far right.
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion 37 inches (94 cm) (Duluth, MN)
Casualties 22 fatalities
Damage $100 million (2005 USD)

When did it snow on Halloween in Massachusetts?

On Oct. 29-30, 2011, a record 14 inches fell in Worcester, while some areas of Central Massachusetts got dumped with 2 feet, with the heavy, wet snow downing trees and power lines. The previous biggest October snowfall was 7.5 inches on Oct. 10, 1979.

When did it snow on Halloween in NJ?

Measurable snow has fallen on 8 Halloweens (1929 – 3.5″, 1932 -1.5″, 1954 – 0.6″, 1966 – 0.1″, 1970 – 0.1″, 1989 – 0.4″, 1991 – 0.4″, and 1995 – 1.7“). The last measurable snowfall on Halloween occurred in 1995 (1.7 inches).

What year did we get snow on Halloween?

Remembering the Halloween Blizzard of 1991.

When was the last time it snowed in Illinois in October?

While the vast majority of the October snowfalls amount to just a trace, measurable snow has been observed in 18 years, most recently, 4.6 inches on October 30-31, 2019, the city’s second snowiest October; surpassed only by 1989 when 6.3 inches fell.

Does it snow in Chicago in October?

Snow can occur in October; however, it is not normally an issue. Chicago only sees a dusting of snow about once every 5 years and a snowfall of 1 inch or more about once in 10 years.

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