How many tornadoes have hit Douglasville Georgia?

Did a tornado hit Douglasville Georgia?

On Monday, the Weather Service confirmed it was an EF1 tornado with 90-mph winds and a path 250 yards wide and 1.5 miles long that hit Douglas County.

Where did the tornado hit in Douglasville GA?

Douglas County 911 dispatchers received numerous reports of damage as the tornado tore through the area: Tree reported down at 5945 Liberty Road; tree reported on lines and a house.

How many tornadoes have hit Georgia?

The Peach State has had 30 tornadoes and outranks several ‘tornado alley’ states.

Where did the tornado touch down in Georgia?

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Banks County, where residents and officials were dealing with debris. In Banks County, officials received reports of damage near Bennett Road at Marshburn Road, north toward Payne Road and Highway 441 and Highway 198.

What part of Atlanta did the tornado hit?

According to a National Weather Service survey team, the tornado is believed to have touched down minutes after 6 a.m. along Bethsaida Road, near the intersection of Lakefield Forrest Drive. The weather agency said that the tornado had maximum sustained winds of 90 mph.

What county is Douglasville GA in?

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