How much rain falls in California each year?

How much rain does California get per year?

Nevada ranks as the driest state, with an average annual precipitation of 9.5 inches, and Hawaii is the wettest, at 70.3 inches. The average annual precipitation for California is 21.44 inches.

How much rainfall did we get in 2020?

Rainfall Scorecard

2017 8.18 7.71
2018 3.26 3.86
2019 6.23 6.46
2020 8.01 2.64
2021 3.62 6.36

Is 2021 going to be a drought year in California?

Droughts and this drought in California

2021 is the 3rd driest year in more than 100 years of precipitation record.

Is California still in a drought?

More than 45 percent of the state is in exceptional drought, the most severe of the Monitor’s four categories, according to the report released Thursday. The report does not include data from the recent storms that brought steady rain and snow. The US Drought Monitor report for July 6, 2021.

Which states get the most rain?

The 10 Wettest States In The United States Of America

Rank State Average yearly rainfall
1 Hawaii 57.2
2 Louisiana 56.9
3 Mississippi 55.5
4 Alabama 55.3

How much rain does Florida get a year?

Annual average precipitation is approximately 54 inches across the state, with more precipitation occurring through the warmer months of June through September.

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How much rain does the United States get each year?

The contiguous U.S. average annual precipitation was 30.28 inches, which is 0.34 inches above the long-term average, ranking in the middle third of the historical record. Above-average annual precipitation was observed from the Great Lakes and Plains to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.