Is responsible for all weather phenomena *?

Which layer is responsible for all weather phenomena?

All weather phenomena occur within the troposphere, although turbulence may extend into the lower portion of the stratosphere. Troposphere means “region of mixing” and is so named because of vigorous convective air currents within the layer.

What is the main element of all weather phenomena?

Rotation and revolution is the main element of all weather phenomena on Earth.

Why do all weather phenomena occur in troposphere?

The weather activities occur primarily in the troposphere because troposphere contains water vapour ,dust particles,and other elements. … That is why all weather phenomena occur mainly in troposphere.

Which part of the atmosphere is responsible for weather?

The lowest portion of the atmosphere is the troposphere, a layer where temperature generally decreases with height. This layer contains most of Earth’s clouds and is the location where weather primarily occurs.

What causes the weather?

Weather occurs primarily due to air pressure, temperature and moisture differences between one place to another. These differences can occur due to the sun angle at any particular spot, which varies by latitude from the tropics.

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What are the factors influencing climate and weather?

The five factors that determine the weather of any land area are: the amount of solar energy received because of latitude; the area’s elevation or proximity to mountains; nearness to large bodies of water and relative temperatures of land and water; the number of such storm systems as cyclones, hurricanes, and …

Which one of the following factors is responsible for almost all the weather changes on the Earth?

Causes of climate change. Almost all of the energy that affects the climate on Earth originates from the Sun. The Sun’s energy passes through space until it hits the Earth’s atmosphere.

Which strata of the atmosphere is responsible for the weather phenomena and why?

The Thermosphere

75 percent of the entire atmosphere is comprised of the troposphere, which is the lowest level of the atmosphere. It extends to a maximum height of 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) at the equator. It’s in this layer that the majority of weather is determined/occurs.