Is Thorpe Park closed for winter?

What months are Thorpe Park closed?

Opening Times for Thorpe Park

  • In 2021 the Thorpe Park theme park is open on most dates from 12th April until 31st October.
  • The gates open at 10am, and the closing time varies throughout the season, usually between 5pm and 6pm.
  • On some dates the theme park will be open until as late as 9pm for special events (see below)

Is Thorpe Park open in December?

Thorpe Park closed on Sunday, December 1, for its winter maintenance program. The resort closes annually to carry out essential work during the quieter months.

What time do gates open at Thorpe Park?

The majority of our rides open at 10.00am, however, some attractions may open at 12.00pm.

What time does Thorpe Park shut on fright night?

What time does FRIGHT NIGHTS start at Thorpe Park? During our annual Halloween event, Thorpe Park is open from 10am-9pm. Most scare experiences and horror mazes are open from 3pm until late.

Do amusement parks close during winter?

But while some parks close up shop once the temperatures dip, some actually improve drastically during the wintertime. … And in warmer climates — where theme parks thrive and waterslides flow continuously — the holiday break crowds give way to reduced attendance come January.

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When can theme parks reopen UK?

When can theme parks reopen in the UK? According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lockdown roadmap, theme parks can start to reopen from April 12 in England.

Is Thorpe park open in the rain?

The park is still open, yes, its wet… but if you go prepared, it is half empty with minimal queues. Take a good rain mac, or buy one of the ponchos when you get there and embrace the rain, and the short queues.