Question: Are thunderstorms common in Colorado?

Does Colorado get a lot of thunderstorms?

Severe Storms. Thunderstorms are quite prevalent in the eastern plains and along the eastern slopes of the mountains during the spring and summer. These often become quite severe, and the frequency of hail damage to crops in northeastern Colorado is quite high.

How often are Denver thunderstorms?

Total Days With Thunderstorms at US Cities in Summer

Summer City July
29 Denver, Colorado 11
17 Detroit, Michigan 6
12 Hartford, Connecticut 4
28 Houston, Texas 11

Why are there so many thunderstorms in Colorado?

The lightning capital of the nation is Florida, but Colorado is not far behind. This is due to our closeness to the mountains to our west. The mountains help to trigger thunderstorms for our area spring through fall. A typical thunderstorm day for Colorado starts out with a sunny morning.

What state has less thunderstorms?

California is America’s center of calm weather. Four of the state’s large cities make the lists for least often having heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Fewest Heavy Rainstorms.

City Days
Las Vegas, Nevada 0.2
Salt Lake City, Utah 0.6
Denver, Colorado 1.7
Phoenix, Arizona 1.8

Does it ever rain in Denver?

On average, Denver gets about 14.3 inches of rain annually, so the city is already past its annual halfway mark. We’re in a La Niña weather pattern, which usually means drier conditions for areas east of the Continental Divide in Colorado.

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Where do the worst thunderstorms occur?

Here’s a look at the top 10 most thunderstorm-prone cities in the U.S., along with their average number of annual storms:

  • Fort Myers, Florida – 89.
  • Tampa, Florida – 87.
  • Tallahassee, Florida – 83.
  • Gainesville, Florida – 81.
  • Orlando, Florida – 80.
  • Mobile, Alabama – 79.
  • West Palm Beach, Florida – 79.
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana – 76.

What month has the most thunderstorms?

While severe thunderstorms can occur any month of the year, the peak Severe Weather Season is during the spring months of March, April, and May.