Question: Where was it raining spiders?

Is it possible for it to rain spiders?

no matter how you describe it, it’s nothing if not an utterly draw dropping experience. “Spider rain” is a rare occurrence in which thousands of spiders miraculously float through the air with their tiny strands of webbing floating just above them.

Did it once rain spiders in Brazil?

Residents in a rural area of Brazil’s Minas Gerais state reported skies “raining spiders” according to the Guardian. The phenomenon, experts say, is typical in the region during hot, humid weather. Photos and videos of the spiders in the sky have gone viral on social media.

Does New Zealand have spiders?

New Zealand is home to about 2500 kinds of spiders, most of them harmless. … There are 3 species of spider that should be avoided – the katipō, the redback and the white-tailed spider. The katipō (Latrodectus katipo) and the redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti) are the only venomous spiders found in New Zealand.

Why is Australia full of spiders?

But what makes spiders in Australia so big? It’s because Australia’s climate is warm and insects, including spiders, tend to grow bigger in warmer places and nearer to the equator. In addition, the Australian bushlands provide a steady source of food supply that aid in their growth as well.

Why did spiders fall from the sky in Brazil?

According to experts, although it looked like they were falling from the sky, the spiders were actually hanging in a giant web to catch prey. … But there is nothing to worry about, because the venom of these spiders is harmless and, in fact, the web helps to keep flies and mosquitoes in check.

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