Quick Answer: How did Hurricane Harvey affect the economy?

What were the long term effects of Hurricane Harvey?

Industrial and hazardous waste sites leak human waste and other dangerous toxins into floodwaters, increasing the risk of infectious diseases. Waterborne and communicable respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases often spread as a result of the contaminated water.

How hurricanes affect human health?

However, the long-term health impacts of hurricanes can go unnoticed. … The cited direct health impacts include: weather-related morbidity and mortality, waterborne diseases and water-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, and mental health effects [4].

How did Hurricane Harvey affect wildlife?

People and pets aren’t the only ones trying to get back on their feet after Tropical Storm Harvey. Wild animals also took a hit from the record-breaking rainfall, surging floodwaters and brutal winds. … It even received a frigate bird — a kind of seabird — that was blown ashore by the high winds.

What ecosystem did Hurricane Harvey destroy?

“Unfortunately, a combination of climate change-related increases in sea and air temperatures, and the loss of much of the region’s wetlands, prairies, and other natural habitats, has vastly amplified the impact of this storm on communities and wildlife in the region.”

How many jobs did Hurricane Harvey lose?

Houston shed nearly 25,000 jobs in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which slammed into the Gulf Coast at the end of August and unleashed floodwaters that shut down, damaged or destroyed thousands of businesses and homes across the region, the U.S. Labor Department reported Friday.

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