Quick Answer: What is rain shadow simple definition?

What is rain shadow answer?

A rain shadow results as wind carries air full of moisture into mountains. This air is blocked by the mountains and cannot reach the other side. Precipitation or rain fall then falls on the side where wind is blowing from, but the area on the other side of the mountain is drier. This is a rain shadow.

What is meaning of rain shadow give an example?

The definition of a rain shadow is the dry area on one side of a mountain (the lee or downwind side) caused as winds lose their moisture travelling up a mountain. An example of a rain shadow is Death Valley.

What is rain shadow Class 9?

Answer. 87k+ views. Hint: A rain shadow area is situated on the leeward or the downward side of the mountains, and the topographic barrier, like a mountain, causes the winds to lose their moisture as they travel up to the mountain. In India, an example of a rain shadow area in Ladakh.

What is rain shadow Class 11?

A rain shadow area is an area of dry land that lies on the leeward side of a mountain. … The leeward side of the mountains remains dry. The western ghats in India are an example of mountains causing rain shadow area.

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What is a rain shadow quizlet?

? An area having relatively little precipitation due to the effect of a topographic barrier, especially a mountain range, that causes the prevailing winds to lose their moisture on the windward side, causing the leeward side to be dry.

What is rain shadow class7?

When moisture-laden winds blow towards the mountains, they strike the windward side of the mountains and causes rainfall. When these winds blow towards the other side of the mountains, they are completely devoid of any moisture and do not bring rainfall. This area is known as the rain shadow region.

Which best describes a rain shadow?

Which best describes a rain shadow? A rain shadow describes the dry area on one side of a mountain or mountain range where less rain falls. This side of the mountain or mountain range is called the leeward side, while the side which has greater rainfall is called the windward side.

How does a rain shadow form?

Rain shadow deserts are created when mountain ranges lie parallel to moist, coastal areas. Prevailing winds moving inland cool as air is forced to rise over the mountains. Carried moisture falls on slopes facing the winds. When the winds move over the crest and down the far side, they are very dry.

Which is the rain shadow area in India?

In India, along the eastern side of Sahyadri on the Deccan plateau, the rain shadow zone is present, e.g. The Northern Karnataka & Solapur Plateau of India, Beed, Osmanabad, and Vidarbha.

What is meant by a rain shadow area give two example of rain shadow area in India?

(i) The leeward side of the hill is called ‘Rain Shadow’ area which remains dry because the winds are blocked by the hills. (ii) An example of ‘Rain Shadow’ area in India is: For Arabian Sea branch Chennai lies at leeward side of western ghats and falls under Rain Shadow area.

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What is cyclonic rainfall?

Cyclonic or Frontal rain: This type of rainfall occurs when warm and cold air meets each other. Since warm air is lighter, it rises above the cold air. The rising air is then cooled beyond the saturation point resulting in heavy rainfall. … Rainfall is very heavy in the tropical cyclones.