What causes rain in Kerala?

What is the reason for rainfall in Kerala?

The rainfall is mainly a localised phenomenon triggered due to the low-pressure system formed in the Arabian Sea. After two years, rain fury has returned to flood several parts of central and southern Kerala districts.

How is monsoon in Kerala?

State averaged 1,718.8 mm between June 1 and September 30

Between June 1 and September 30 — the southwest monsoon period — Kerala averaged 1,718.8 mm against the normal rainfall of 2,049.2 mm. … In 2020 also Kerala had recorded a normal monsoon. The State recorded 2,227.9 mm (+9%) against 2,049.2 mm.

What is extreme rainfall called?

Noun. The condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling heavily in separate drops. downpour. rainstorm. cloudburst.

Why Kerala has longest rainy season?

Kerala is at the southern most tip of India and the monsoon winds blowing from the sea first make landfall at Kerala and then move northwards. … Hence the state has the longest rainy season.

What causes monsoon?

The primary cause of monsoons is the difference between annual temperature trends over land and sea. … This low pressure regions sees continuous rise of moist wind from the sea surface to the upper layers of the atmosphere, where the cooling means the air can no longer hold so much moisture resulting in precipitation.

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