What changes do we see in nature in winter season?

How does nature change in winter?

Winter brings many changes to the world around it. During winter, some animals migrate, which means moving to another area for a season’s time. Usually, animals go south to warmer areas during the winter. … Animals such as hares and foxes may change their coloration to blend into snowy landscapes better.

What changes do we see in winter?

The changes that winter brings affect people, animals, plants, and trees alike. Trees and plants go dormant to live through the cold and some animals hibernate while other stores up food in the fall to eat during the winter when it gets harder to find food.

What are the main features of winter season?


  • this type of cold climate comes in Nov. and end in Feb.
  • the low pressure and low temp. maintain on us.
  • wind speed increase from 110 km/h to 178 km/h.
  • Jan. and Dec. are coldest month.
  • mercury touch -45’C in Leh.
  • this season is come after returning of monsoon.
  • wind become cold and have less moisture.

What happens to trees in winter?

Explanation. Trees do not die during the winter; they just go into a form of hibernation called dormancy. Since there is less sunlight in the winter and the tree can’t produce as much food, trees must conserve their energy.

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What changes do you see between seasons?

As the Earth orbits the Sun, it is slightly tilted on its axis. … At other times, your hemisphere is pointed away from the Sun. As the Earth travels around the Sun over the course of a year and the tilt of its axis points your hemisphere toward or away from the Sun, you experience the changing of the seasons.

What changes in climate do you observe between summer and winter season?

Answer: The Earth tilts on its axis. This changes the angle of the sun between summer and winter. … For the Northern Hemisphere the sun reaches its highest angle in December while in the Southern Hemisphere it’s in June.

What are the advantages of winter season?

Winter can be brutal, but research shows you might get some health benefits during the colder months. When it’s cold, your body has to work harder to maintain its core body temperature — and as a result, you might burn more calories. Colder temperatures can help reduce both allergies and inflammation.

What are the changes observed in nature during the summer season?

Summer has warm and humid weather, especially in July and August. In some regions, excessive sun and high temperatures cause droughts and, in turn, many problems for wildlife and people. Even birds and animals try to rest in theshade at midday when it is unbearably hot under the summer sun.

What are the characteristics of winter season in India?

During the winter season, the days are warm and nights are cold. When temperature decreases, frost is commonly experienced in Northern India. The cold season in most parts of the country is the dry season as northeast trade winds blow from land to sea.

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