What conditions made Hurricane Sandy extreme?

What made Superstorm Sandy so destructive?

But thirdly, what made Sandy so damaging was the timing of its landfall – the eye of the hurricane smashed into the Jersey coast at local high tide. … The storm surge – an additional 9 feet or more of water piled up against the coast by furious winds and crashing ocean waves – was riding on top of this extra high tide.

What factor caused the intense flooding during Superstorm Sandy?

What is conclusive is that sea level rise contributed to the significant storm surge damage from Sandy, the report says. For example, the sea level around lower Manhattan has increased by nearly one foot over the past 100 years, adding one foot to what the storm surge would have been.

What conditions are required for a hurricane to form quizlet?

Three conditions required for hurricane formation are relatively high sea-surface temperatures, Adequate Coriolis Effect and weak winds aloft.

Which condition causes storms to occur?

To form, these storms require three basic ingredients: Moisture, unstable air and lift. Moisture in the air typically comes from the oceans—and areas near warm ocean currents evaporate lots of moisture into the air. Moisture in the air is also responsible for making clouds.

Why did Hurricane Sandy turn west?

WHY THE LEFT TURN? It takes an unusual weather pattern to cause an unusual storm track. The key to that pattern (shown below) was a massive HIGH pressure in the North Atlantic, near Greenland. It helped create a “block” that prevented Sandy from going out to sea, or even continuing northward.

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