What does the term meteorologist mean?

What does the word meteorologists mean?

1 : a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting studied the principles of meteorology. 2 : the atmospheric phenomena and weather of a region the meteorology of the Gulf of Mexico.

Who is a meteorologist one word?

One who reports and forecasts weather conditions.

What is the meaning of Metreology?

1. The definition of meteorology is the climate and weather of a place, or is the scientific study of climate and weather. The branch of science that allows a weatherman to predict what the weather will be like in the future is an example of meteorology. noun.

What do you mean by meteorology and meteorologist?

Meteorology is the study of the processes in the Earth’s atmosphere that cause particular weather conditions, especially in order to predict the weather. meteorologist (miːtiərɒlədʒɪst )Word forms: plural meteorologists countable noun. Meteorologists have predicted mild weather for the next few days.

What is this word drought?

1 : a period of dryness especially when prolonged specifically : one that causes extensive damage to crops or prevents their successful growth resistant to drought. 2 : a prolonged or chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired a drought of creativity.

What do meteorologists study?

study of weather and atmosphere. state of the atmosphere, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, and cloudiness.

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What do meteorologists major in?

What do Meteorologists study? Meteorologists usually need a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science or a closely related field that’s specific to atmospheric phenomena. Degrees in physics, chemistry, or geoscience may be adequate for certain positions.

Why do they call it Meteorology?

The term Meteorology has quite the history deriving from the Greek word meteoron which means any phenomenon that is high in the sky. Around 340 BC, the famous philosopher Aristotle wrote a treatise called Meteorologica.