What is required for a tropical cyclone to form?

What is needed for a tropical cyclone to form?

For a cyclone to form there are a few criteria which need to be met: Warm waters — more than 26.5 degrees Celsius. Humid, rising air to give moisture to the storm. Be about 500km or more away from the equator for the Coriolis effect to kick in.

What is a tropical cyclone and how is it formed?

Tropical cyclones are formed only over warm ocean waters near the equator. When warm, moist air over the ocean rises upward from near the surface, a cyclone is formed. When the air rises up and away from the ocean surface, it creates an area of lower air pressure below.

How do tropical storms form step by step?

Tropical storms usually form between 5° and 30° latitude.

  1. When the ocean surface waters reaches at least 27°C due to solar heating, the warm air above the water rises quickly, causing an area of very low pressure.
  2. As the air rises quickly more warm moist air is drawn upwards from above the ocean creating strong winds.

What planning is required in advance to deal with the situation created by a cyclone?

The following planning is required to deal with the situation created by a cyclone: Facilities for cyclone prediction and forecasting like T.V. and radio which can give cyclone warning in advance. Quick information and communication linkages so that information can spread quickly. Store enough food in waterproof bags.

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What should you do before a tropical cyclone?


  • a portable battery radio, torch and spare batteries;
  • water containers, dried or canned food and a can opener;
  • matches, fuel lamp, portable stove, cooking gear, eating utensils; and.
  • a first aid kit and manual, masking tape for windows and waterproof bags.

In which area do tropical cyclones form and develop?

Tropical cyclones can only form over oceans of the world except in the South Atlantic Ocean and the south eastern Pacific where a tropical cyclone could never be formed due to the cooler sea surface temperature and higher vertical wind shears. They develop at latitudes usually greater than 5° from the equator.

Where do the tropical cyclones form?

Tropical cyclones are referred to by different names depending on where they originate in the world. Hurricanes occur in the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern north Pacific Ocean. Typhoons occur in the western Pacific Ocean. Tropical cyclones occur in the south Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.