What is social whirlwind?

What does it mean if someone is a whirlwind?

someone or something characterized by great energy or swiftness, often with an atmosphere of chaos: a staff of three do-nothings and one whirlwind; a whirlwind of activity at the stock exchange. adjective. like a whirlwind, as in speed or force: a whirlwind visit to New York.

What is the meaning of racquet in English?

1 : confused clattering noise : clamor. 2a : social whirl or excitement. b : the strain of exciting or trying experiences. 3a : a fraudulent scheme, enterprise, or activity. b : a usually illegitimate enterprise made workable by bribery or intimidation.

How do you spell World Wind?

Worldwind (sometimes spelled world wind) is an eggcorn. (According to Nancy Friedman (@fritinancy), an eggcorn is “a mis-heard term that’s assigned a creative spelling (and definition too, usually). The Eggcorn Database lists six citations of world wind for whirlwind, and they’re probably just the tip of the cyclone.”

What does the word tumultuously mean?

1 : marked by tumult : loud, excited, and emotional tumultuous applause. 2 : tending or disposed to cause or incite a tumult the laws … were violated by a tumultuous faction— Edward Gibbon. 3 : marked by violent or overwhelming turbulence or upheaval tumultuous passions.

What is the meaning of Ranket?

noun. a double-reed wind instrument of the 16th and 17th centuries.

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What do you mean by Polo?

1 : a game played by teams of players on horseback using mallets with long flexible handles to drive a wooden ball through goalposts. 2 : water polo. 3 : polo shirt.

How would you describe whirlwind?

1 : a small rotating windstorm of limited extent. 2a : a confused rush : whirl a whirlwind of meetings. b : a violent or destructive force or agency. whirlwind. adjective.

Why do people say Worldwind?

this is a biblical verse “those who sow the wind shall reap the worldwind” it means that that those to sow little seeds of evil (wind) shall eventually have to harvest the entire crop of damage (worldwind).

What does Eggcorn mean?

An eggcorn, as we reported and as Merriam-Webster puts it, is “a word or phrase that sounds like and is mistakenly used in a seemingly logical or plausible way for another word or phrase.” Here’s a common one: saying “all intensive purposes” when you mean “all intents and purposes.”