What is the similarity between rain and music class 11?

What are the similarities between rain and song Class 11?

Just like the song, the rain originates from the land and the sea, and returns to its origin after fulfilling its tasks. Both are perpetual in nature and both return to the place of their origin after fulfilling their tasks. 4.

Do you think there is a similarity between rain and music apt?

Answer: Similarity between rain and music. Explanation: the comparison made between rain and music is definitely a suitable metaphor ,similarly, music resonates from the musician ,evoking thoughts ,ideas and emotions from the soul of the listener .

What are the similarities between poetry and music?

Both poetry and song are literary works that are characterized by the use of verses and rhyming words, that are created as a result of the emotions experienced by the writer. 2. Of the two, poems are considered to be more in-depth than songs, because of the presence of ‘flowery’ words and figurative forms of speech.

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What is the similarities between rain and music?

the poet draws similarities between rain and music observing that the life-cycle of rain and song are alike. Both are perpetual in nature. Moreover, the sound of the soft-falling rain is in itself a kind of music. The song issues from the heart of the poet and travels to reach others.

How is rain similar to a song?

Answer: Rain is similar to song as poetry relishes the human heart with its soulful contemplation similarly rain also relishes human heart with its heavenly downfall to earth.

What is the comparison between music and rain what type of a poem is the voice of the rain?

The poet draws a parallel between rain and music. Rain originates from the depths of the Earth much in the same way that music is created from the heart of a singer or composer. Both have rhythm and the power to soothe.

Why does the poet compare the rain to song?

The poet compare the rain with a song. The poet draws similarities between rain and music observing that the life-cycle of rain and song are alike. Both are perpetual in nature. Similarly, rain originates from the earth, and after fulfilling its tasks, returns to its own origin only to spread beauty, purity and love.

How does the rain describe herself in the poem the voice of the rain?

♠ ANSWER : The rain describes herself in the poem ” THE VOICE OF THE RAIN” as the ” POEM OF THE EARTH” which gives happiness to everything and quenches the thirst and relish the drought prone areas.

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What are the similarities and differences of songs and poems?

The major difference between them is that a song is set to music while a poem is not set to music. Poem is a composition that is written or spoken for communicating beautiful, imaginative or elevated thoughts whereas song is written or adapted for the purpose of singing.

What is the connection between music and poetry?

Music exposes children to rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, which are the some of the same skills needed to learn to read. Because poetry has cadence, rhythm, and rhyme, music may be used to complement it. Music may benefit children with learning difficulties. The language of music is understood by all cultures.

What is the difference between music and poetry?

Deeper feelings and emotions are conveyed in poems, whereas songs are more direct and lighter in meaning. Poetry is an expression of inner experiences of a poet, whereas song is often set to a pre-existing piece of music. Songs are dependent upon selection of lyrics and music as well as the singer.