What lures for pike in winter?

Does pike take lures in the winter?

Surface Lures: Work better in spring and autumn when pike will hit on the surface, but they’ll still work in winter on shallow waters.

How do you fish for pike in the winter?

5 Tips for Catching Pike and Pickerel this Winter

  1. Work Ledges. Chainsiders will gravitate toward a sharp drop from 6 to 12 feet in a 15-yard stretch. …
  2. Fish Big Baits. Jumbo shiners and 4- to 6-inch perch or small sunfish get attention from the largest of water wolves. …
  3. Find Weeds. …
  4. Fish a Creek Mouth. …
  5. Live and Let Die.

Is winter good for pike fishing?

During the winter months, the water temperatures drop and in turn, this slows down the metabolism of the pike. This makes the pike very lethargic and much less likely to chase a lure. Based on this I believe dead or live baiting is the best winter pike fishing bait for the winter months.

Where do pike go in winter?

For now, they should be shallow. In river backwaters, reservoirs and flowages, stump fields, shallow bays and river channels hold big pike all winter long. often prowl the periphery of panfish schools.

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