What states did Hurricane Isaac hit?

Did Isaac make landfall in Florida?

The storm impacted nearly all of Florida, despite not making landfall in the state. Due to the weak intensity and path offshore, damage was caused primarily by flooding, rather than winds. Persistent rainbands brought heavy precipitation to much of east-central and southeast Florida.

When did Isaac hit Houston?

After further intensification, Isaac made landfall at 2345 UTC (6:45 p.m. CDT) on August 28, just southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River with winds of 80 mph (130 km/h).

Was there a hurricane in 2011?

One hurricane (Irene) and one tropical storm (Lee) made landfall in the U.S. during the 2011 season. Hurricane Irene was the first Hurricane since Ike in 2008 that made landfall in the nation.

Was Fred a hurricane or tropical storm?

Fred was one of three storms swirling in the Atlantic Basin. Lining up behind Fred were Tropical Storm Grace, which gained strength early Tuesday after drenching the Dominican Republic and earthquake-battered Haiti Monday, and Tropical Storm Henri, which formed Monday afternoon near Bermuda.

Will a hurricane hit Texas in 2021?

A fallen tree in Galveston after Tropical Storm Nicholas earlier this month. Just a week after Hurricane Nicholas swept across the Texas Gulf Coast, a team of Houston weather watchers made a bold prediction that the 2021 hurricane season is probably over, at least for Texas.

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Has San Antonio ever hit a hurricane?

Hurricanes can hit the gulf coast but San Antonio is well inland, 120 miles or so. Any hurricanes would only affect San Antonio in terms of rain but obviously no storm surge or heavy winds that far inland. 2.

Where do hurricanes hit the most in Texas?

The island city of Galveston has been the site of some of the most catastrophic hurricanes in the last century. It was last hit by a hurricane in 1989, but tropical storm Allison delivered extremely heavy rainfall to the area in 2001, including Houston inland.