When was the last hurricane hit Puerto Vallarta?

Does Puerta Vallarta have hurricanes?

Puerto Vallarta really has no hurricane season per se, this is because of its location in the middle of Banderas Bay that is also surrounded on all sides by mountains, sometimes hurricanes pass through the area and the city is a bit affected by them, but mostly on the sidelines.

How often does Puerto Vallarta get hit by hurricanes?

Puerto Vallarta is protected and not located directly on the open ocean, so its chances of being hit by a hurricane are relatively low. The last one that hit causing significant damage was Hurricane Kenna in 2002…18 years ago.

What natural disasters occur in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta flooding, earthquakes, fire, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

What month is hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta?

When is Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta? The rainy season in Puerto Vallarta typically lasts from June through October, but the most active hurricane season is in September and October. The worst hurricane in recent years was Hurricane Kenna in 2002.

What is high season in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta Travel Seasons

High Season: December through mid-April is the busiest travel time in Puerto Vallarta, as crowds flock to enjoy the city’s best weather. Average daily highs are usually below 29°C. Skies are the clearest they’ll be all year, though even in the driest months, days can be overcast.

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Did Hurricane Nora hit Puerto Vallarta?

Hurricane Nora formed off Mexico’s Pacific coast on August 28 and swept past the Puerto Vallarta area, following a path that could take it for possible close encounters with other resorts farther north.

Can a tsunami hit Puerto Vallarta?

There was no tsunami threat for the U.S. West Coast. Tsunami Waring includes Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. … It’s unlikely Puerto Vallarta will experience any measurable difference, however waves triggered from the earthquake will likely reach most of the Pacific Coast.

Does Puerto Vallarta Mexico get earthquakes?

The National Seismological System ( SSN ), reported that during the early morning hours, an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 was recorded southwest of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, however, the quake was not perceived in the city.