Which of the following is NOT Other Name of rain gauge?

Which of the following is not recording type of rain gauge?

1) Symon’s gauge: This is the non-recording type rain gauge commonly used in India by meteorological department.

Is code for rain gauge?

6.5 Raingauge of appropriate capacity as specified in IS 5225 shall be used to ensure the measurement of extremes of rainfall in the event of the observer being unable to take observations repeatedly on the day of such heavy rainfall.

Which type of rain gauge is used in India?

The Symons rain gauge (also adopted by the Indian Meteorological Department) is a common non- recording type of rain gauge. ADVERTISEMENTS: This consists of a cylindrical vessel of 12.7 cm (5 inches) in diameter with a suitable base. On the top, a funnel of exactly 12.7 cm internal diameter is inserted.

Which of following rain gauge is recording type rain gauge?

An instrument that automatically records the amount of precipitation collected as a function of time. The most common types, according to their principle of operation, are 1) tipping-bucket rain gauge, 2) weighing rain gauge, 3) capacitance rain gauge, and 4) optical rain gauge.

What is self recording rain gauge?

• Self-recording rain gauge (SRRG) is an. automatic device used to record a continuous. rainfall for 24 hrs on a daily chart, if rain. occurs.

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Which of the following types of rain gauge is used for measuring rain in remote areas?

Detailed Solution. Symon’s gauge: It is the non-recording type rain gauge commonly used in India by the meteorological department.