Which state was left devastated by a super cyclone in 1999?

Which Indian state was devastated by a cyclone in 1999?

In the recorded history of cyclones for the State of Orissa, the Super Cyclone of 29-30 October, 1999 was undoubtedly the most intense one.

Which state in India was hit by a super cyclone in October 1999 the cyclone destroyed the homes of 2000000 people and killed over 10000 people?

BBC ON THIS DAY | 29 | 1999: Super-cyclone wreaks havoc in India. A massive cyclone has swept through the state of Orissa in eastern India, killing an unknown number of people and leaving thousands more homeless.

Which state of India was most affected by the super cyclone?

Although cyclones affect the entire coast of India, the East coast is more prone as compared to the West coast. The most affected states are Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

What hit Odisha on 27th October 1999?

What hit Orissa on 27th October, 1999? What happened when Prashant had gone to visit his friend in Ersama? On that day, a super cyclone with a speed of 350 km per hour hit the coastal areas of Orissa. It was followed by continuous heavy rains for two days.

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Which state is most affected by cyclone?

Thirteen coastal states and Union Territories (UTs) in the country are affected by tropical cyclones. Four states (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal) and one UT (Puducherry) on the east coast and one state (Gujarat) on the west coast are more vulnerable to cyclone hazards.

How many states are affected by cyclone?

Cyclone Tauktae maintained intensity even after landfall, affected hit 9 states | Latest News India – Hindustan Times.