Which type of cloud is tall and associated with thunderstorms apex?

Which type of cloud produces thunderstorms and hail answers com?

Cumulonimbus clouds produce thunderstorms with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Sometimes precipitation falls as rain, and sometimes it falls as snow, sleet, hail, or frozen rain.

What are high clouds?

High-level clouds occur above about 20,000 feet and are given the prefix “cirro.” Due to cold tropospheric temperatures at these levels, the clouds primarily are composed of ice crystals, and often appear thin, streaky, and white (although a low sun angle, e.g., near sunset, can create an array of color on the clouds).

What clouds are high level clouds and indicate stable weather?

– There are two types of clouds. Stratiform or stratus clouds indicate stability. Stratus means layered. Cumuliform or cumulus clouds are “puffy” and indicate instability.

How tall are cumulus clouds?

Cumulus cloud

Variety Radiatuse
Altitude 200–2,000 m (1,000–7,000 ft)
Classification Family C (Low-level)
Appearance Low-altitude, fluffy heaps of clouds with cotton-like appearance.

Why do storm clouds get taller?

This lift usually comes from differences in air density. Warmer, less dense air rises upward, creating lift. As the air lifts higher and higher, it causes a storm cloud to grow taller and taller. Thunderstorm clouds can rise up to 10 miles into the air!

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