Who started rain meditation?

What disease does Tara Brach have?

A decade ago, she was found to have a condition associated with Fragile X, a genetic disease that can effect the elasticity of the connective tissue. It left the avid athlete in pain and unable to walk very well.

Is Tara Brach Buddhist?

Brach is an Engaged Buddhist, specializing in the application of Buddhist teachings and mindfulness meditation to emotional healing.

Tara Brach
Known for Buddhist teaching
Website tarabrach.com

What is rain in Buddhism?

Remember ‘RAIN’ The RAIN acronym is an ancient Buddhist mindfulness tool to cope with hardship. As human beings, our first instinct is to retract from unpleasant or negative feelings, rather than hang out with an often inconvenient truth. …

What happened to Tara Brach?

Brach lives in Bethesda with her partner, Jonathan Foust, a former president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts who now teaches and offers mind-body therapies here.

Who is Tara Brach meditation?

Tara Brach Tara Brach

D is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. … The podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion in relieving emotional suffering, serving spiritual awakening and bringing healing to our world.

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