You asked: How do Swedes get through winter?

How do Nordics survive winter?

A lot of Nordic locals spend their winters on skiing tracks, and even exploring outdoor swimming pools. Some people from Finland and Norway even like to visit a hot sauna in winter then jump in an ice-cold lake or pond afterwards.

Is Sweden dark in the winter?

Winters are cold and dark

It’s no secret that Sweden’s geographical location makes it prone to cold, dark winters. At the depth of winter in some northern parts of the country above the Arctic Circle, you might get as little as three hours of sunlight per day.

How many months does it snow in Sweden?

These are the Polar Nights (another one of Scandinavia’s natural phenomena). Annual rainfall averages 24 inches and the maximum rainfall occurs in late summer. Sweden boasts considerable snowfall, and in Sweden’s north snow remains on the ground for six months each year.

How do Scandinavians live?

10 Scandinavian Habits That’ll Legitimately Make Your Life Way Better

  1. Try a little butter. …
  2. Opt for a “no shoes inside” policy. …
  3. Understand the importance of hygge and kos. …
  4. Learn how to really take advantage of a sauna. …
  5. Don’t use bad weather as an excuse not to exercise. …
  6. Eat more fish and berries. …
  7. Drink a little less.
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What is Koselig?

You could roughly translate koselig (pronounced “koosh-lee”), as “coziness,” but that leaves out crucial components like enjoying the company of others and a connection with nature. Photos: Where coziness meets happiness.

How Scandinavians stay warm?

Norwegians usually go skiing with woolen underwear and a shell, with an added woolen jumper in their bag. Basically any activity will make you much warmer than you think, hence the risk to sweat and freeze. The objective is therefore to protect yourself from the cold, but not get too warm either.

How do people in Norway stay warm?

From shoes with wool lining, woolen socks, wool underwear to woolen sweaters, gloves, and hats – wool is what you need in order to stay warm in the extreme cold temperatures. 1. … If you pack just one pair of shoes for Norway, then make sure they are warm and waterproof. Many Norwegians wear Sorel winter boots.

How do Swedes stay thin?

For the Scandis, though, it never went away. * They eat lots of oily fish, especially herring, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Pasture is expensive in many parts of snowy Scandinavia, so red meat usually costs a lot more than fish, which is plentiful and cheap.

What do Swedish people wear in winter?

Long parkas, hats, scarves, and boots – the winter uniform in Sweden! A good, waterproof parka: While I said that Sweden in winter isn’t that cold – it still is pretty freaking cold. Pack for it appropriately.