Your question: Does Thorpe Park stay open in the rain?

What happens if it rains in Thorpe Park?

THORPE PARK Resort is predominately an outdoor attraction with many rides being outside. … THORPE PARK Resort regrets that refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. If you come prepared you will still have a fun-filled day!

Why do Thorpe Park rides close?

Rides and attractions at THORPE PARK Resort are subject to availability and may close for technical or operational reasons, capacity, inclement weather, special events or to ensure the safety and security of guests or if Merlin Entertainments reasonably considers the circumstances so require.

Is Thorpe Park safe in rain?

The rain can dampen the spirits, but it’s still a good time to come to our park for the reasons you have expressed. Rain rarely effects our rides enough to shut them down, so it’s still a great time to come if you prepare yourself.

Are amusement parks closed during rain?

In fact, when it rains the crowds will thin out and it can be a great time to get in a lot of rides as the wait times drop. … They told me that the rides stay open if it is just raining. If there is lightening within five miles of the park then they will close all of the outdoor rides, but indoor rides will remain open.

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Do rides still run in the rain?

nope. rides stay open in the rain. you will just get wet !

Do amusement parks close during thunderstorms?

These thunderstorms are usually short-lived, lasting only 30-60 minutes. When these occur, amusement parks suspend operations for a brief period of time and restart once safe conditions return.

Has anyone died Thorpe Park?

Tragic Evha, from Leicester, died in hospital after she fell into the water on the ride in front of horrified pals on a school trip. … Staffordshire Police said: “Evha sadly died after falling from a water ride at the theme park.

Does Stealth at Thorpe Park go upside down?

Stealth is a launched roller coaster in the Amity area of Thorpe Park located in Surrey, England.

Stealth (roller coaster)

Height 62.5 m (205 ft)
Length 400.0 m (1,312.3 ft)
Speed 80 mph (129 km/h)

Is Rush at Thorpe Park closed?

Rush (Thorpe Park)

Status Operating
Opening date 27 May 2005
Closing date Still open
Replaced Eclipse