Your question: Is Hurricane Laura going to hit Virginia?

What cities is Hurricane Laura hitting?

One of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike the United States, Laura was blamed for six deaths as it barreled ashore near the Louisiana-Texas state line. ABC13 had reporters in Lake Charles, LA, Port Arthur, TX, and Orange, TX as Laura made landfall with powerful winds. Watch a compilation of landfall moments here.

Is Virginia affected by hurricanes?

The most likely “worst case scenario” for a hurricane striking Virginia land is for a Class 3 storm to make landfall at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. … South Carolina gets hit by Class 4 hurricanes, including Hurricane Hugo which devastated the state in 1989, while Virginia rarely experiences even Class 2 storms.

Has Lake Charles recovered from Laura?

He finally made it back home before having to leave again because of water damage. He has since returned once again. Blue tarps cover storm damaged homes in a neighborhood near the intersection of I-210 and La. 14 Wednesday, August 25, 2021, nearly one year after Hurricane Laura passed through, in Lake Charles, La.

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