Your question: What was the category of the tornado that hit Alabama?

What category was the Birmingham tornado?

2005 Birmingham tornado

F2 tornado
Type Tornado
Formed 28 July 2005, 14:30 BST (UTC+01:00)
Duration 8 minutes
Highest winds 137 mph (220 km/h) (Birchwood Road, Balsall Heath)

Was the Tuscaloosa tornado an F5?

A rare EF5 tornado would have winds between 216-318 mph. The only recorded F5 tornado in Tuscaloosa County, which is based on an older Fujita scale, was in March 1966 that killed one and injured 518.

What part of Alabama was hit by tornado today?

Residents survey damage to homes after a tornado touched down south of Birmingham, Ala., in the Eagle Point community damaging multiple homes on Thursday.

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