Your question: Who died in the 1980 Kalamazoo tornado?

How many tornadoes were there in 1980?

Tornadoes of 1980

Grand Island tornado of June 3, 1980
Timespan January 11 – December 7, 1980
Tornadoes in U.S. 866
Damage (U.S.) Unknown
Fatalities (U.S.) 28

What happened June 3rd 1980?

June 3, 1980 (Tuesday)

A computer communications device failure caused warning messages to sporadically flash at North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Air Force command posts around the world that a Soviet nuclear attack was taking place. The malfunction happened again on June 6.

How big can a tornado get?

The largest tornado path widths can exceed one mile, while the smallest widths can be less than 10 yards. Widths can even vary considerably during a single tornado, since its size can change during its lifetime. Path lengths can range from a few yards to more than 100 miles.

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