Are hurricane ties required on both sides?

How many hurricane ties are required?

Some jurisdictions will require the Engineer of Record to specify the type of connector, sheathing, fasteners, and fastener patterns. In the absence of engineered plans, always follow local building code provisions and prescriptions. Two hurricane ties for roof to top plate and to stud to top plate connections.

Are there right and left hurricane ties?

It is available in left- and right-hand models and can be installed in pairs. The single-sided H2A hurricane tie is designed to resist uplift and lateral loads and is a value-added solution for high-wind applications.

Are hurricane ties required?

All new buildings are required to have hurricane ties installed. While not required on older structures, owners of existing buildings would be wise to invest in the installation of hurricane ties and straps. Costs are minimal and these retrofitted items can make a difference during the next hurricane or wind event.

Do Rafter ties go inside or outside?

1 Answer. H1Z clips, per the manufacturer, belong on the outside with the “ears” facing outward (not resting on the top plate). So the upward force on the roof does not cause the top plate to pull away from the walls.

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How many nails are in a hurricane strap?

Nail each hurricane strap to your truss or rafter with 16-penny framing nails when you install hurricane straps to a roof. Make sure that your truss and rafter are also toe-nailed in place before you install your hurricane straps.

Are hurricane straps required in Florida?

Q: Are hurricane straps required in Florida? Yes. After 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, Florida’s building code was updated to require that all new construction (including both timber and concrete), be equipped with hurricane ties.

Are hurricane ties required Ontario?

Meredith says hurricane straps are not mandated by the Ontario Building Code, but they are an option. “The design engineer, who would be with the truss company, will specify how those trusses are to be installed and affixed,” he said.

Do rafter ties go on both sides?

While the majority of the hurricane ties that Simpson Strong-Tie offers are one-sided (such as the H2. 5A), some are designed so the truss or rafter fits inside a “U” shape design to allow for fastening from both sides (such as the H1).

Are hurricane ties reversible?

The RT7AT Hurricane Tie universal design connects a wide variety of roof framing members to a double top plate. … The reversible design simplifies installation eliminating the left and right connector versions and confusion in the field.