Can we find snow in Auli in April?

Is Auli worth visiting in April?

The best time to visit Auli for skiing is between December and March. However, the best season to visit Auli is throughout the year. The summer months in Auli extends from April to June are great to experience pleasant weather.

In which month Auli get snow?

In January, Auli receives heavy snowfall. The average temperature in Auli in January ranges between -4°C to 5°C. It is a perfect time to enjoy skiing. It is advisable to carry heavy woolen clothes.

Can we see snow in March in Auli?

March remains very cold in Auli with snow covered slopes. Nights are cold but day time become warm and pleasant in the month of April in Auli.

Is snow available in Auli in May?

There will be no snow in Auli in May.

Is it snowing now in Auli?

The snow forecast for Auli is: Mostly dry. Very mild (max 11°C on Fri morning, min 4°C on Wed night). Wind will be generally light.

Week 4 of October has on average:

0.0 Bluebird Powder days Fresh snow, mostly sunny, light wind.
0.5 Bluebird days Average snow, mostly sunny, light wind.
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How many days are enough for Auli?

if not skiing, then 2 or 3 days will be good enough for auli. If you have more days then can plan for chopta also.

Where is it snowing right now in India?

The good news is that Gulmarg, Shimla, Mussoorie, Landour, Ladakh and Manali are still getting some snowfall right now.

Which is better Auli or Manali?

Auli and Manali are quite different destinations.

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Category Auli Manali
Best season to visit Winter for snow & summer for trekking but mostly visited during winter Winter for snow activities and summer for other activities but can be visited all-year round

Will there be snow in Auli in March 2021?

That still leaves one to trek 3 kms for snow. There has been no snowfall this year in Auli.

Is skiing Open in Auli?

Skiing season in Auli starts from January to March. You can visit Gusro Bugyal, Chenab Lake from Auli and Chopta, Ukhimath, Gupt Kashi on your way back from Auli. You must ride the ropeway between Joshimath and Auli. You should stay at least 2 days for enjoy skiing at Auli.