Do I need hurricane ties?

What are hurricane ties used for?

A hurricane tie is used to help make a structure (specifically wooden structures) more resistant to high winds (such as in hurricanes), resisting uplift, racking, overturning, and sliding.

How many hurricane ties are required?

Some jurisdictions will require the Engineer of Record to specify the type of connector, sheathing, fasteners, and fastener patterns. In the absence of engineered plans, always follow local building code provisions and prescriptions. Two hurricane ties for roof to top plate and to stud to top plate connections.

How many nails are in a hurricane strap?

Nail each hurricane strap to your truss or rafter with 16-penny framing nails when you install hurricane straps to a roof. Make sure that your truss and rafter are also toe-nailed in place before you install your hurricane straps.

Do rafter ties go inside or outside?

1 Answer. H1Z clips, per the manufacturer, belong on the outside with the “ears” facing outward (not resting on the top plate). So the upward force on the roof does not cause the top plate to pull away from the walls.

Are hurricane straps required in Florida?

Q: Are hurricane straps required in Florida? Yes. After 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, Florida’s building code was updated to require that all new construction (including both timber and concrete), be equipped with hurricane ties.

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