Does toxic rain stack?

Can toxic rain stack?

It stacks only before explosion and only in a very small area around the pod. Yes. The dot of the pods stack.

Does toxic rain overlap?

Toxic Rain 3.14 Overlap,AOE,Additional Projectiles our findings and bonus defensive update.

How does toxic rain Work?

Toxic Rain is a bow attack skill where the user fires multiple arrows in the air, which land and drop spores, dealing chaos damage. The spore pods explode after a delay, releasing toxic ground that deals chaos damage over time and slows enemy movement speed.

Does point blank affect toxic rain?

No the DoT is not a hit and point blank only scales hits.

Do you need accuracy for toxic rain?

If you are scaling the hit portion then yes, otherwise no.

What does phantasmal toxic rain do?

Fire arrows into the air that rain down around the targeted area, dealing damage to enemies they hit and creating spore pods where they land. Each spore pod deals chaos damage over time to nearby enemies and slows their movement speed.

Does damage over time affect toxic rain?

Although Toxic Rain is a projectile, modifiers to projectile behavior such as pierce does not affect them. Toxic Rain will be able to “convert” projectile damage into the gem’s damage over time effect. This means that any projectile damage you took on the passive tree will apply to the chaos damage over time effect.

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Is toxic rain physical damage?

Fire arrows into the air that rain down around the targeted area, dealing damage to enemies they hit and creating spore pods where they land.

Quality Gem /4.

Type Stats Weight
Divergent (0–20)% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage 100

Is AoE good for Toxic rain?

Reducing the AoE both reduces the radius of Toxic Rain, and the radius of each pod, preventing overlap. I feel like this will double dip negatively on Toxic Rain.

Is wither a curse Poe?

Wither would be complete trash as a Curse; there’s no way they let you have 140% Increased Damage Taken from a Curse (a x2. 4 multiplier), plus it will be resisted by Bosses, and it will take up Curse slots. There’s no benefit to making Wither a Curse.

Can you have far shot and point blank?

Point Blank and Far Shot are multiplicative together (since they are more/less multipliers), and thus helps counteract the damage falloff at distance.

Is Point Blank Good Poe?

Point Blank is a keystone passive skill. It causes projectiles to deal 30% more damage to very close enemies, dealing up to 30% less damage based on the distance the projectile travels before it hits. Point Blank is worth to build Projectile skills.

What does iron grip do Poe?

Iron Grip is a keystone passive skill that applies the physical damage bonus from strength to projectile attacks as well as melee attacks. Strength inherently grants 0.2% increased physical damage with melee weapons per point.