Frequent question: How many endings does heavy rain have?

Do Choices Matter in Heavy Rain?

But what’s really unique about Heavy Rain is that the choices you make influence not just the storyline that the game follows, but the ending, as well. The result is a game that can be played through to twenty-two completely different endings, making this game the PS3 version of the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

What happens if Ethan doesn’t cut off his finger?

If Ethan chooses not to cut off his finger, he will later be shot in the shoulder by a cop while escaping the apartment. To avoid getting shot by the police, he must cut off his finger.

What happens if Ethan doesn’t drink the poison?

It is later revealed that the poison will not actually kill Ethan though it appears to taste or feel unpleasant when ingested. If Ethan completed fewer than three trials, he will not have enough letters to make even an educated guess as to the location of Shaun’s prison and will automatically fail.

Why Norman Jayden see tanks?

Here’s a theory: he’s not addicted to ARI, he’s still addicted to tripto. The Tripto made him see the tanks, because * IT WAS A FEW MINUTES LATER,* and he had just taken the Tripti before he flushed it. Also, the butler wasn’t a hallucination. He was real, the Tripto just made Norman see him again.

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Who made Detroit become human?

Is heavy rain scary?

Heavy Rain puts you through a gut-wrenching dismemberment scene. … Joking aside, Heavy Rain has some seriously disturbing moments. The central story — searching for a serial killer and a missing son — is in itself disturbing enough. There are a few things that stand out, however, as a bit tough to stomach.

Why heavy rain is bad?

Heavy rainfall can lead to numerous hazards, for example: flooding, including risk to human life, damage to buildings and infrastructure, and loss of crops and livestock. landslides, which can threaten human life, disrupt transport and communications, and cause damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Can you escape police heavy rain?

The only way for Ethan to escape unharmed in this chapter is by failing the third trial and getting caught by the police in the apartment. Otherwise, he will either be shot by the police officer while escaping or be missing part of his finger when Madison arrives to help him escape.

Should I reject or forgive Madison?

She didn’t tell him the truth because she was afraid he would react the way he has. The player can choose to forgive Madison or reject her; either way, Madison leaves. If the player chooses to do nothing when given the choice to reject or forgive Madison, the game will play out as though Ethan rejected her.

What is Tripto in heavy rain?

Triptocaine, also known as tripto, is a fictional drug, created purely for Heavy Rain. It is taken by Norman Jayden of the FBI to combat the effects of the the ARI system he uses.

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