Frequent question: How many takes for good morning in singing in the rain?

How long did it take to film Good Morning singing in the rain?

Reynolds’ most formidable task—and her greatest achievement—was “Good Morning,” which required her to hold her own opposite Kelly and O’Connor at the same time. The scene took an entire 15-hour day to shoot; by the time they were finished, Reynolds’ feet were bleeding, and she had to be carried to her dressing room.

How many takes to film Singing in the Rain?

The title number, filmed on a street set two blocks long on the MGM backlot, took seven days to film, with six hours of fake rain each day. The water was mixed with milk to make it show better on camera, but the mixture made Kelly’s wool suit shrink.

How many takes did it take for Gene Kelly singing in the rain?

The water used in the scene caused Kelly’s wool suit to shrink during filming. A common myth is that Kelly managed to perform the entire song in one take, thanks to cameras placed at predetermined locations. However, this was not the case; filming the sequence took two to three days.

Did Debbie Reynolds sing Good Morning in singing in the rain?

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Reynolds is nothing short of a charm hurricane in the part of Kathy Selden, particularly in her big number “Good Morning.” Though Reynolds didn’t sing the part — as was common practice at the time, she was dubbed by singer Betty Noyes — she dances like mad, despite her lack of experience.

Who sang Good morning Goodmorning?

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What did Jean Hagen really sound like?

Actually: “Debbie Reynolds, when she’s dubbing for Jean Hagan, that’s actually a woman named Betty Noyes singing, so Debbie Reynolds – when she’s supposedly dubbing for somebody else – is actually somebody else dubbing for Debbie Reynolds.”