Frequent question: How much money in damage did the 2004 tsunami caused?

How much did the damage of the 2004 tsunami cost?

How much financial damage did the 2004 tsunami cause? In terms of the death toll and the number of displaced people, this was the worst natural disaster in recorded history in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The total economic cost of damage was estimated at US$ 9.4 billion.

How much money did the Australian government spend on the 2004 tsunami?

Australia’s response to the disaster reflects the generosity of both government and the wider community. > The Australian Government committed and has fully spent $60 million on immediate tsunami emergency relief.

How much money did it cost to rebuild after the 2004 tsunami?

The disaster generated a massive aid and reconstruction program, with around 463 non-government organisations and agencies spending around $7.5 billion. This made post-tsunami Aceh one of the largest reconstruction projects in the developing world. Australian donors and the government gave more than $1 billion.

How much money does a tsunami cost?

The most expensive natural disaster is the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, costing an estimated $360 billion.


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Cost ($billions) $15
(2017-2021) $20.7 (2021)
Fatalities 230000 – 280000
Event 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
Type Earthquake, Tsunami

How many people left homeless in 2004 tsunami?

Tsunami of 2004, caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, is the most devastating tsunami in modern times, affecting 18 countries in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa, killing more than 250,000 people in a single day, and leaving more than 1.7 million homeless.

How much money does Indonesia get from Australia?

The Australian Government will provide an estimated $375.7 million in total ODA to Indonesia in 2015-16, including an estimated $323 million in bilateral funding managed by DFAT. Australia and Indonesia’s broad partnership encompasses political, security, trade, economic and development cooperation.

How much did the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami cost?

The costs resulting from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan alone were estimated at $220 billion USD. The damage makes the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami the most expensive natural disaster in history.

How much did it cost to rebuild Japan after the 2011 tsunami?

Japan’s Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster Unleashed a $300 Billion Effort to Rebuild a Hinterland.