Has St Lucia ever had a hurricane?

Do hurricanes ever hit St. Lucia?

In the past 37 years, only one hurricane affected Saint Lucia directly, in 2010. In 2017, hurricane Maria as a category 2 storm, passed north of Saint Lucia with minimal impact. The risk of a hurricane hitting St. Lucia is the same as the risk in New York.

What was the worst hurricane in St. Lucia?

Here are five of the worst storms St Lucia has endured:

  1. Hurricane Allen, 1980. Hurricane Allen was one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record. …
  2. Hurricane Janet, 1955. …
  3. Tropical Storm Debby, 1994. …
  4. Hurricane Tomas, 2010. …
  5. Christmas Eve Trough, 2013.

What Caribbean island has never been hit by a hurricane?

Trinidad. Located just off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad’s southern location means it rarely sees hurricanes. The most recent was Hurricane Isidore in 2002, though it’s worth noting that the storm was classified as a tropical depression when it passed the island.

How bad is hurricane season in St. Lucia?

Lucia has a hurricane season because the Caribbean has one that goes from June 1 to Nov. 30. The worst two months are September and October. The island rarely gets hit directly by a storm or hurricane.

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How often does St Lucia have hurricanes?

Only 14 hurricanes have moved closer than 60 miles to St. Lucia since 1850. Of those, none has reached Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, only one has been Category 4 and one Category 3. No hurricane systems affected Saint Lucia between 1980 and 2007.

Did St Lucia get hit by Hurricane Elsa?

As hurricane Elsa moved across the eastern Caribbean one of the island nations it came close to was St Lucia, which it’s reported has experienced wind gusts to 79 mph and sustained 46 mph tropical storm force winds. Property damage has been reported from St Lucia, as unfortunately has one death.

What is hurricane season in St Lucia?

Visiting Saint Lucia in June – November

The official hurricane season falls between July and November; although the risk of hurricanes is very small, you might encounter tropical storms.

What islands are below the hurricane belt?

More inhabited Caribbean islands outside the hurricane belt besides Curacao are Aruba, Bonaire, Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Providencia Island, San Andrés, and the islands off Venezuela.

What country is St Lucia located in?