How did Hurricane Katrina affect human health?

How does a hurricane affect human health?

However, the long-term health impacts of hurricanes can go unnoticed. … The cited direct health impacts include: weather-related morbidity and mortality, waterborne diseases and water-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, and mental health effects [4].

What are some human illnesses that were caused by Hurricane Katrina?

The most frequently reported post-hurricane Vibrio illnesses were V. vulnificus and V. parahaemolyticus wound infections. These cases represent an increase over the normal reported incidence of Vibrio wound infections in Gulf Coast states and are consistent with exposure after hurricane landfall.

How was healthcare affected by Hurricane Katrina?

Katrina was the rare incident that disrupted the external systems supplying hospitals with key services and resources needed for the organizations to function; increased the number of patients, both present and expected, that required medical care; and affected directly the physical plants of the hospitals, challenging …

What were the long term effects of Hurricane Katrina?

More than one-half met the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder and a majority were suffering from depression and anxiety. The mean quality of life score was 0.6 on a scale from 0-1, suggesting that adaptation and return to pre-hurricane well-being had not occurred 12 months after the storm.

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What were the short term effects of Hurricane Katrina?

“The hurricane had a short-term effect on the general U.S. economy only because of a temporary reduction of the supply of oil, natural gas and gasoline,” explained William Niskanen, chairman of the CATO Institute. The storm also shut down refineries throughout the region.

What kind of injuries are caused by hurricanes?

The most common body parts reported affected by a nonfatal hurricane-related injury/illness were the upper extremities, including the fingers, hands, and arms (157 {38%} of 411), followed by the lower extremities, including the toes, feet, and legs, (89 {22%}).

What are effects of hurricanes?

Storm surge, tornadoes, heavy rainfall, high winds, riptide, and death are the most major effects of hurricanes. While a hurricane is approaching the coast, the sea level increases swiftly. Since the sea level rises, the amount of water can cause many deaths from drowning.

What effects did Hurricane Katrina have on the environment?

Katrina also caused more deaths in Louisiana (n = 1170) than in any other Gulf Coast state. In addition to its tragic human toll, Katrina left an environmental toll of oil spills, storm debris, damaged sewage and water treatment systems, abandoned housing, and widespread mold.

How did Hurricane Katrina affect economy?

Hurricane Katrina is tied as the costliest hurricane to have ever hit the United States, with $125 billion in damages. … In New Orleans alone, an estimated 95,000 individuals lost their jobs in the 10 months following the hurricane, accounting for $2.9 billion in lost wages.

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